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AMI Telecommunications Limited (“AMI”) was originally established in 2004 in Hong Kong.

AMI has extensive and deep experiences in telecommunications. The management team has over 20 years of experiences in the industry. The executives of AMI had held positions of CEO, CTO, COO and other Senior Executive positions of international mobile and fixed operators as well as Managing Consultant’s position

AMI provides a wide range of products and services. Having a strong background in telecoms industry, AMI understands the challenges and issues the operators are facing everyday. AMI hence set its business mission to provide

Products and Service to build your success


  • Optical Network Equipment
  • Customer Terminal Equipment
  • Other Auxiliary Equipment
  • FTTA (Fibre To The Antenna) solution; IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) solution;


  • Business Consultancy – market feasibility analysis, market entry strategy, due diligence, operations enhancement, organisation re-engineering, distribution channel restructuring, Multi-media strategy
  • Network Design and Planning - technology evaluation, network evaluation and analysis, network dimensioning, functional design and network recovery planning